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Breast Reduction

Large breasts tend to become more of a problem for women as they get older or in the period after childbirth and breastfeeding this is a natural phenomenon. Large breasts can make you feel self-conscious – and may also result in physical problems such as backache and muscular pain and they limit your ability to wear the clothes you want or play certain sports.

Most women who undergo breast reduction surgery are extremely happy with their new breasts which are cited as one of the most satisfying of all surgical procedures. Women often report an improvement in shoulder, neck and back pain, and improved stance and better self-esteem and confidence.

Surgical Options
In the case of breast reduction surgery, there is one standard operation and that is the surgical removal of excess skin, tissue and fat from the underside of your breast and your nipples are relocated for cosmetic purposes.

The Operation
Breast uplift surgery can be carried out as a Day Case procedure under local anaesthetic and sedation if the procedure is on a smaller scale and reasonably straightforward. For larger operations or for a combined Augment Mastopexy procedure a general anaesthetic will be required which would mean an overnight stay in hospital. The procedure normally takes between one and a half and three hours. There are several uplift techniques and the most effective one for you will depend on the initial shape and size of your breasts and also the desired outcome.

During the procedure surplus skin is removed from underneath the breast, the breast itself is remodelled into a tighter more natural shape and the nipples are normally repositioned at a higher level so that they are in proportion and aligned with the new position of the breasts.

Recovery & Aftercare

  • Recommended time off work is 2-3 weeks (Job Dependent)
  • No driving for 2-3 week
  • No Bathing / Swimming for 2 weeks
  • No heavy lifting / strenuous exercise for 3 months
  • Patients should wear a sports bra for 1-3 months according to the surgeon’s instructions.
  • It is recommended that patients apply a silicone-based scar gel 3 weeks after surgery for up to 4 months.

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Surgery costs from £5995.

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