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All our Breast Augmentation surgery is warrantied as follows:

We offer 1 year cover against common complications including infection, rupture of implants, position change / rotation of implants and capsular contracture – in the event of any of these problems within 1 year of your date of surgery, Augment Me will perform your revision surgery free of charge.

In the case of rupture and capsular contracture in the period the implant manufacturer, (Mentor) will provider replacement implants free of charge and a contribution of €1,000 towards the cost of your revision surgery.

The Mentor Patientcare Promise Lifetime Limited Warranty means that at any stage if you suffer an implant rupture then Mentor will provide you with a replacement set of breast implants, but not pay for the procedure.

Augment Me aftercare package.
Your warranties are underpinned by both Augment Me and by your surgeon, therefore if Augment Me was ever to cease trading your cover will still exist with your surgeon.

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