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The AugmentMe Team

What sets us apart from some of the other Cosmetic Surgery Groups is that we do not employ administration staff to guide your through a clinical decision making process. All the staff in our team are medical professionals, Registered Nurses with years of experience in the aesthetics Industry or fully qualified Consultant Plastic Surgeons with a wealth of specialist training and experience is cosmetic breast surgery.

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All of our staff are UK trained, all hold current registrations and all live and work in the UK.

Our philosophy when dealing with patients has two main themes:

One Stop – When you make an appointment to come and see us you will have time with both the consultant surgeon and the Patient Care Co-ordinator so we will have enough time to answer all you questions and agree the next steps.

It’s Personal – The Patient Care Co-ordinator you meet when you come to see us will be your customer focus person for your time with us and they will be responsible for managing you through every stage of your engagement with us.

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