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Choosing Breast Implants

There’s nothing more personal than choosing your new implant size and shape. And there isn’t any doubt that you’ll need professional advice from the outset.

To help you make the right decision for your body, your AugmentMe surgeon will examine your frame, take a few measurements and examine the quality of your skin and breast tissue. This is a critical aspect of your examination as this is how your surgeon will determine what implant is likely to work best for you to achieve your desired aesthetic appearance.

Below we explain a range of individual implants options that will help you and your surgeon select the best implants for you:

To determine the size of the implant you can have, we need to know the width of your individual breasts. Your surgeon will measure the width by measuring the inner edge of your cleavage to the outermost part of your breast. A tape measure is then pulled taught and the distance will be measured in a straight line.

Profile and Projection
Implant sizes are measured as low, moderate and high profile. This refers to the how much your breast will project forward. You can see in our illustration beneath which shows both the projection and diameter of the implants.

Profile and Protection - Breast Implants

Low Profile:
Low profile implants have minimal projection. Low profile implants tend to be more appropriate for women with a wider chest.

Moderate Profile:
Moderate implants sit between low and high profile. Moderate implants do not have excess width on the side and are therefore ideal for women with smaller and narrower chests.

High Profile:
High profile implants have a narrower base to maximise projection. High profile implants give a rounded fullness on top of the breasts and a degree of breast lift. The effect produces a prominent cleavage.

Implant Shape
Breast implants come in two formats – round and anatomical teardrop shape.

Round and Anatomical Breast Impants

Round Implants
Round implants adds volume to both the lower part of the breast and higher part of the chest. A round implant can be positioned either between the chest muscle and breast tissue or beneath both the muscle and the glandular tissue.

Anatomical Implants
Anatomical Implants are ideal for women who are looking for a more subtle appearance without the upper fullness that round implants lend.

Vectra 3D Imaging
To help you choose the right breast implant, located within our Glasgow clinic, is our Vectra 3D Imaging System. This system is designed to help our customers see a variety of implant sizes both in round and anatomical shapes in situ.

Vectra 3D Image - Breast Implants

The cost for breast implants at AugmentMe starts from £4,995 depending on the type of implants your choose and anesthetic option.

Finance options
AugmentMe also offer our customers the options to finance their procedure.

Customer Warranty
For your peace of mind we have one of the best customer plans available. Click here for details.

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