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Breast Enlargement

Breast enlargement is also known as Breast augmentation or more colloquially as a “Boob Job” is the most common cosmetic surgery procedure carried out accounting for 23% of all surgical procedures in 2019.

There are several techniques for enlarging breasts and these are highlighted below in summary however it is important that anyone wishing to undertake this type of surgery should meet with a Consultant surgeon to discuss their desired outcome and objectives of the surgery. Whether this is achievable or not and if it can be achieved which would be the best procedure to deliver the desired result. Our Team has access to the only Vectra 3D Breast Imaging simulator in Scotland so we can scan you and then show you a simulation of how you might look after surgery. The scanner allows us to vary the shape and size of implants and show you the effect this would have on how you ultimately might look.

Surgical Options
There are two main options for surgery which are Implants or Fat Transfer.

Implants: Today’s silicone breast implants are manufactured to the highest standard of quality and all the implants we use are FDA approved in the USA and certified as safe for use by the MHRA in the UK. Our Implants come a range of sizes and shapes allowing the surgeon to select implants that will deliver the best result possible.

Depending on what the patient wishes to achieve implants can be placed under the breast tissue (sub-mammary/sub glandular) or under the chest muscle (sub-muscular). Also what is known as anatomical implants with a “teardrop” shape are also available, which give a more natural and subtle result in selected patients. Your surgeon will be able to advise on the most suitable type of implant for you.

Fat Transfer Method: This is an emerging new technique that takes fat from one area of your body and uses it to enlarge, improve or even uplift your breasts. Some of the advantages to fat transfer breast enlargement; it is entirely natural, so there is no foreign material within the body, you don’t need a general anaesthetic, and treatment results in a very natural look and feel to the enlarged breast. You also receive gentle liposuction where the excess fat is removed from, typically the tummy or thighs, so that area is improved too.

Fat Transfer Enlargement has some specific results such as moderately increasing breast size by up to two cup sizes or correcting a size discrepancy between the breasts. It can also be used as a technique to replace lost breast tissue after pregnancy and breastfeeding or to restore breast shape and fill indentations and scars.

Unlike other artificial fillers, fat is entirely natural with nothing added and is your own tissue. Of the fat injected around two-thirds survive, so a further top-up may be required.

The Operation
These procedures can be carried out under local anaesthetic with sedation (or general anaesthetic if you would prefer) and takes a little over an hour to complete.

The procedures carried out under local anaesthetic with sedation are referred to as Walk-In – Walk Out” day case procedures which appeal to many women today with busy lifestyles. For those undertaking the procedure under general anaesthetic you will require to spend one night in hospital.

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We use Vectra 3D Imaging
Our Vectra 3D Breast Imaging System allows you to visualise the potential improvements to your breasts if you choose to have implant surgery. This technology simulates the results of breast augmentation and produces a 3D image that can be adjusted based on the size of implants to be used and the desired outcome you wish to achieve.

Vectra 3d image

Recovery & Aftercare

  • Recommended time off work is 1 week (Job Dependent)
  • No driving for 1 week
  • No Bathing / Swimming for 2 weeks
  • No heavy lifting / strenuous exercise for 6 weeks
  • A sports bra or surgical post-op bra should be worn for a minimum of 6 weeks
  • It is recommended that patients apply a silicone-based scar gel 3 weeks after surgery for up to 4 months.

Breast Enlargement Surgery costs from £4995 and is dependent on the type of surgery, the type of implants and anaesthetic option is chosen.

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