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Does exercise reduce

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Does exercise reduce breast size?

Have you ever wondered if your breast size will reduce if you over do it in the gym? Here are few facts to put your mind at rest and a few tips to even increase your bust size!

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The Facts:
Regardless what size your breasts are we all have the same basic anatomy, that is to say we have skin tissue, blood vessels, lymph nodes, lobes, lobules, milk ducts and fat. For the most part breasts are made of fat, or adipose tissue, which makes up the majority of your breasts and accounts for their size.

Your breast size will vary depending on firstly your genetics, if you’ve had a pregnancy and the general amount of fat in your body. When you exercise more your body experiences a change in body fat percentage, which may be your breast area first.

Types of exercise which may affect breast size:

Aerobic Exercise:
General exercise such as running, tennis, squash and swimming are all types of aerobic workouts. When we participate in these types of exercise your body is both burning calories and increasing muscle mass. Even if you try to steady your calorie intake your general body fat ratio decreases. And because your breasts are largely fat they are likely to reduce in size as you activity levels increase.

Diet and Exercise:

When you participate in aerobic exercise and diet at the same time you create a calorie deficit, which will result in weight loss. If you reduce your calorie intake by around 3,500 calories a week this will lead to an approximate reduction of around 1lb in weight loss. Because your body stores energy as fat each any weight you loose will drop off as body fat and therefore your breast size will likely reduce too.

Strength training:

Strength training is specifically designed to tone up muscles. This type of exercise might be free weights, resistance bands or weight machines.

If your training is geared towards the pectoral muscles of the chest it may be possible to alter the size of breasts too. Exercise such as push-ups, chest press and chest fly are all exercises which will increase muscle mass in the pectoral area.

The increase in breast with muscle mass is largely very small and doesn’t look like breast tissue. It may however make a very small difference in clothes, making the whole chest seem bigger, but not to the actual size of the breasts, which will not change.

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