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Are anatomical implants

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Are anatomical implants for you?

When they were first introduced anatomical implants were mostly used in reconstructive surgery – today they are becoming very popular for women undergoing elective breast augmentation.

The fundamental difference between the round and anatomical implants is their shape. Round implants are the same dimensions all over whereas the anatomical implant appears more ‘teardrop’ shaped. The other significant difference between the two options is cost – anatomical implants tend to be slightly more expensive than round implants.

A quick overview of anatomical implants

Regardless of what name you give them (anatomical, teardrop or contoured) this implant option is unique in shape.

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Anatomical implants are filled with either saline, silicone or more commonly cohesive gel (sometimes referred to as ‘gummy bears’). If you elect for anatomical implants you have a few more options – you will be able to choose a profile (how much the implant projects from the side and out – either low, moderate or high) and also a height (the length of the implant from top to bottom). The height is key as this is how you determine the upper pole fullness.

All anatomical implants have textured shell – this is vital because they need to stay in position in the breast pocket.

Here are a few Pros and Cons…


  • A fantastic choice you have little breast tissue
  • A good option if you have mild breast sagging
  • A slightly shorter recovery period
  • No silicon leakage if the implant ruptures
  • They can be place over or under the muscle


  • You need a slightly larger incision
  • They have a firmer feel
  • There is (potential) but very low chance of rotation which could distort the shape of the breast
  • You may be more likely to see the edge of the implant, particularly if the implant is positioned above the muscle.
  • They are a little more expensive

Vectra 3D
Choosing between anatomical and round implants is not an easy decision, that’s why we’ve invested in Scotland’s only 3D imaging system. 

The Vectra 3D scanner first of all scans you, then with the help of your surgeon you will be able to see on-screen both anatomical of round implants in position. You will also be able to vary the size of
the implants depending on your desired outcome.

Surgery costs for anatomical implants in Scotland start from £5995.

Customer warranty:

For your peace of mind, we have one of the best customer warranty plans available.

Arrange a consultation:
If you want to find out more about anatomical breast implants you can arrange a consultation with a surgeon at one of clinics in Glasgow or Edinburgh by calling 0141 237 7871 or by competing our enquiry form.

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